A little bit about me is I love to hunt, play outside, and go-kart race. I have a dog, cat,12 fish, and my sister has 19 chickens. I am saving up for a cow, so we have about 33 pets. I have been racing go-karts for 3 1/2 years now. I love to race and just go fast. My top speed I’ve ever been is 60 mph. I know your probably like, what that's fast. But when your 2 inches off the ground, it feels like your going 10 mph. I`m always asking my dad to make my go-kart go faster! I also like to hunt. Me and my dad are mostly the won`s  who go deer hunting.

I always love to watch scary movies,or do air soft wars with my best friend Koen. My best friend as I said in the sentence before is koen he is my brother in Christ. I am a christian and I go to Big Bone Baptist. Here is my family there names are Chris ,Tonya ,and Meagn and finally me. and my grand parents are Larence , Linda ,and Sharon. An that`s a little about me .Avator/ http://doppelme.com/create/register.asp  /http://www.revolvermaps.com/?target=setupmini.

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