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CHRISTMAS- CHRISTMAS is my favorite holiday because it is JESUS`S birthday. People celebrate CHRISTMAS allover the world. Our tradition on CHRISTMAS is on CHRISTMAS break we hang around the house , and have fun. Then on CHRISTMAS my sister Meagan and me get up cover our eyes then go to my mom and dads room then start jumping on the bed ,and wake them up. So we go to the living room and sing happy birthday to JESUS, and open presents. For more information on Christmas go to

EASTER-Easter is probably my 2nd favorite holiday. EASTER is the day that JESUS concered death and rose from the grave! He took our sins that Friday so we could spend eternal life in Heavan. Our tradition on EASTER is Meagan and me wake up then go to the kitchen and get our EASTER baskets and dig in. Easter

THANKSGIVING-THANKSGIVING Is my third favorite holiday. It is a holiday when you are thankful for lots of stuff you have and will have. My family and I go to my grandparents houses and have all kinds of  delicous food.

Awesome Accomplishments

An awesome accomplishment we made is that our fliers are almost complete. I feel like so many people will want us to help take care of their lawns. If they’re old or just don`t feel like doing it, we can do it even if we’re 11 and 12 years old. I mean I mow and take care of my own lawn.

Our December goal is for it to snow then we will go and snow plow peoples drive ways and put salt down on there drive ways too. But if it does not snow we will have to just do regular yard work to get money for the fire restant jumpsuit!

The schools cools

If I were the principal of Gray Middle School I would let the students have free time from 2:00 p.m. to 3:35 p.m. And I would let them go outside from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. , and I would let them have 35 minutes in every class to do there homework. They would get 12:30 to 1:30 to eat there lunch.

they would basically have lots of fun instead of our boring ,old ,regular, stupid, no good, dirty, rotten days of school. It would be the best school every if we had those things in our school. It would be awesome! Think about it having a teenager as a principal so what do you think about it? Who knows it could happen one day you ,or me could be the principal.  come check out my school  come check out Boone county schools                                                                                                                                               Color pencils forming a semicircleCreative Commons License Marco Verch

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The Bible

I am a Christian. I love GOD. It`s so amazing that he created everything in the whole wide world. He sent his one and only son to die on the cross for our sins. GOD loves us. JOHN 3:16 FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONE AND ONLY SON THAT WHO EVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE! That means when you give your life to JESUS CHRIST and when you die you will get  to spend your eternal life forever in heaven! That`s Great!

But when you become a christian you can`t just be like I am a christian ,and not act like it. but people should be able to tell that your a christian with out you telling them. You half to do the word like when your in a sermon ,or reading your bible  and it says JESUS walked up to a man who was homeless and gave him food,water, and clothes he said ” Drink,eat, and get dressed”. So then you walk up to a homeless dude and say drink,eat, and get dressed then you just leave them there without the  food,the water, and the clothes like what good is it to listen, or read the word if your not going to do it!

So the next time you go to church, or read or bible try to do something similar to that. God loves you no matter what but the devil will try to pull you down on the days when things are not going good, but you just latch on to GOD and tell Satan to get bent cause GOD loves You with all of his heart. an remember that GOD created every thing, and if you do a little bit of math you can find out that the earth is only about 2,500 years old so you can tell that to Bill Nye

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Fight For The Fighters

Our project is helping the firefighters with when they go in the fire rescuing the people in the fire. JD, Landon, and me are working on this project.

We feel like this project is going to make a big impact on the people of the world and the fire fighters of the world. For example, we are going to do maintenance and yard work for people then when we get enough money, we will build and test our final product. We also feel like it will make the firefighters family members more comfortable knowing that they have something better to protect them.

Some of our major goals for this month is to find some people that need yard work, dates to do yard work, and money so we can get the fire resistant material to make our jumpsuit. We really need to get this jumpsuit model finished, and we need to really get work this winter for money.

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My avatar

My avatar is a cow boy with a tuck suede and a cowboy hat I chose it because I like to be outside and I also like to go to my church Big Bone Baptist. Also I like to hang out with my best friend Koen.  My blog avatar gives those characteristics.  I love to be outside. me and my family love to hang out. I also like to go to the Florence Race Track. My favorite late model driver is Bobby Pierce. DoppelMe

My Passion

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My Passion

I have a lot of passions, but I decided I was going to write about my passion for dogs. I love dogs because they are protective to their  owners. They are so cute which is probably why when they get in trouble they give you those big puppy eyes. I wish I could do that when I get in trouble. I own a full blooded German Shepherd his name is Diesel he is 2 1/2 years old going on 3 years in a month or two.

My top three favorite dog breads are German Shepherds, Saint Bernard,and a English bull dog. My dog Diesel is the most energetic dog you will ever met. He loves to chase people, lights, shadows, animals, our cat Daisy, and he likes to chase a lot more stuff. He also loves to sleep in my bed which most of the time he hogs the bed so I have to push him over to get in the bed. So that`s about my passion for dogs.